Actors linked to steroids

American’s idolize sports figures because they have nothing in their own lives to do when they come home from work. My father, who is 90 years old, is an avid Mets fan. During his working days he didn’t have time to waste watching ball games. Apparently, most Americans have nothing productive to do with their lives when they come home from work so they spend their time watching professional sports. Perhaps if they learned an instrument, read aloud to their family, attended theatre, opera, concerts, shows, and the like, they would have something to live for other than watching drugged up sports figures play children’s games long into their adulthood. The monster here is the American people, not the drug taking athletes. Stop looking at sports all the time and there won’t be so much money in it and children won’t look to become sports figures, a ridiculous obsession numerically anyway.

Harding explains some of the racist history of photographic technology, and the marginalizing effect of treating white models as the “default” use case. Cameras didn’t have to be built to capture white skin more easily than dark skin; those deficiencies were built into the system by carefully optimizing the technology for white skin alone. As BuzzFeed’s Syreeta McFadden writes, Kodak only introduced black-friendly film stocks after complaints from chocolate and furniture advertisers . On Priceonomics, Rosie Cima talks about how the TV industry accepted and perpetuated this bias , and how filmmakers struggled to overcome it.

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Actors linked to steroids

actors linked to steroids


actors linked to steroidsactors linked to steroidsactors linked to steroidsactors linked to steroids