Chapter 20 hormones and steroids

Endorphin deficiency and other metabolic models suggest a course of progressive and irreversible reliance on narcotics that actually occurs in only exceptional and abnormal cases of addiction. Those with inbred metabolic defects could conceivably account for only a small percentage of those who become addicted over their lifetimes. Why would the narcotic addiction that disappeared for most Vietnam veterans (or for the many other addicts who outgrow it) differ fundamentally from all other kinds of addiction, such as the kind that persists for some people? To accept this dichotomous view of addiction violates the basic principle of scientific parsimony, by which we should assume that the mechanisms at work in a large portion of cases are present in all cases. This is the same error made by psychologists who concede (without empirical provocation) that some alcoholics may indeed have constitutional traits that cause them to be alcoholic from their first drink even as research shows all alcoholics to be responsive to situational rewards and to subjective beliefs and expectations.

The yellow discolouration is to be solely considered a quality defect. Operators of hog slaughter and processing establishments are responsible for ensuring that discoloured products, including yellow bones, are not offered for sale to consumers. No action or special inspection activity is to be undertaken by CFIA during post-mortem procedures as this is an operator quality managed defect. Furthermore, considering that the yellow colouring of bones may disappear after the carcass has remained a certain time in the cooler, operators can decide that the removal of parts of bones that showed a yellow discoloration at the time the carcass was dressed, is no longer justified once the carcass is ready to be boned at the establishment or shipped. Should the removal of these bones from the carcass take place at another Federally Registered Establishment a control program acceptable to the Veterinarian in Charge shall be put in place.

Chapter 20 hormones and steroids

chapter 20 hormones and steroids


chapter 20 hormones and steroidschapter 20 hormones and steroidschapter 20 hormones and steroidschapter 20 hormones and steroidschapter 20 hormones and steroids