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Panosteitis and hypertrophic osteodystrophy (HOD) - are two bone diseases seen in young, rapidly growing animals. The cause of these problems are unknown, but are characterized as an inflammatory process involving the bone and/or the covering of the bone (periosteum) or lining of the bone (endosteum). Affected dogs are generally in the 6 -12 month age range and usually in a period of rapid growth. Symptoms include a shifting lameness, pain on deep palpation of the affected limb, temperature, lethargy and generally not acting themselves. Radiographs are usually diagnostic and various medical therapies are available.

Baseball’s Hebrew Hammer (the one who was not Hank Greenberg or Al Rosen and who did not abuse steroids —I think that covers all the baseball Hammers), Gabe Kapler , has legs covered in Jewy tattoos. On his left calf he’s got a Star of David that Heeb magazine said was “as big as a chocolate-chip cookie” (to which I would add: not a Chips Ahoy, a Pepperidge Farm Soft Baked). It is surrounded by Hebrew letters supposedly reading “strong willed, strong minded” (I can’t find a picture with enough of a close-up to corroborate this or critique the Hebrew, and oh, why didn’t he talk to Fabien Gilot about finding an artist who was skilled at lettering? I weep.) On his right calf, the ruggedly handsome but underperforming player has the English words “never again,” plus a flame and the dates 1933-1945. He also has his ex-wife’s name, Lisa, tattooed on his bicep. (He and Lisa divorced in 2013. He should have talked to Aguilera about the Curse of the Name Tattoo .)

Chinese swimmer steroids youtube

chinese swimmer steroids youtube


chinese swimmer steroids youtubechinese swimmer steroids youtubechinese swimmer steroids youtubechinese swimmer steroids youtubechinese swimmer steroids youtube