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In 1982 the Cure recorded and released Pornography , the third and final album of an "oppressively dispirited" trio that cemented the Cure's stature as purveyors of the emerging gothic rock genre. [41] Smith has said that during the recording of Pornography he was "undergoing a lot of mental stress. But it had nothing to do with the group, it just had to do with what I was like, my age and things. I think I got to my worst round about Pornography . Looking back and getting other people's opinions of what went on, I was a pretty monstrous sort of person at that time". [22] Gallup described the album by saying, " Nihilism took over [...] We sang 'It doesn't matter if we all die' and that is exactly what we thought at the time." [42] Parry was concerned that the album did not have a hit song for radio play and instructed Smith and producer Phil Thornalley to polish the track " The Hanging Garden " for release as a single. [43] Despite the concerns about the album's uncommercial sound, Pornography became the band's first UK Top 10 album, charting at number eight. [32] The release of Pornography was followed by the Fourteen Explicit Moments tour, where the band finally dropped the anti-image angle and first adopted their signature look of big, towering hair and smeared lipstick on their faces. [44] The tour also saw a series of incidents that prompted Simon Gallup to leave the Cure at the tour's conclusion. Gallup and Smith did not talk to each other for eighteen months following his departure. [45]

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Cure de winstrol+deca+susta

cure de winstrol+deca+susta


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