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A survey of doping in schools has been conducted following the publication of alarming figures on the consumption of doping substances in young amateur athletes in the United States. The study was done in the Midi-Pyrénées region, a pilot area in France for the fight against doping, with a representative sample of 2425 students who filled out an anonymous questionnaire. The aim of Ms survey was threefold: to get a clearer picture of doping in schools; to search for possible associated risk markers and finall; to highlight the educational trends for preventive purposes. The results of this survey showed the incidence of doping in the population studied to be less than that of Anglo-Saxon series used as reference: about 2% admitted to the use of doping substances. However, the other percentages obtained from this survey showed the possible extension of doping in youngsters: % of the whole population surveyed admitted that they had probably used a doping substance (without knowing the real efficiency of the product), % recognised that they felt tempted by doping, while % confessed to having already been proposed doping products or other substances with a possible doping effect and finally % had a friend who had already used a doping substance. Study findings indicate that sport practice is more important in males (%) than infernales (%), and that for both genders it decreases with age. More than 1/2 males and 1/5 females compete. Doping, or temptation by doping, is also higher in males. Doping, or temptation by doping, increases with level and intensity of sport practice. Among the 67 young national level athletes, % admited that they had already used a doping or maybe doping substance, % said they were regularly taking something before competition. Examination of results indicate that some sports are more concerned by doping: 18% of the body builders (outside competition) and % of those practicing martial ans admited to being tempted by doping, and respectively % and % having used a doping or maybe doping substance. The level of the consumption of doping substances in France is much lower than that observed in North America. Yet two types of consumption in youngsters are emerging: one to improve their body image, the other to improve their performances in sports.

For all those who believed benefit of boosting ideal with the GH rhu produced by genetic engineering, it must be remembered that the isoform 20 is absent from this exogenous hormone, probably due to the manufacturing technique. However it is this isoform which allows the best adaptation to the exercise of endurance: it is lipolytique and hyperglycaemic activity. With the advancement of science and 10 years after, it is therefore, not surprised that Alex Zülle, the cyclist Switzerland of the Festina, had not found effective its cure of GH! Once again, the GH gives us the example that use such a product with as little certainties, is to play the role of the sorcerer's apprentice. We also understand why some studies concluded that the non-effectiveness of the GH in the endurance training.

Dopage au steroide

dopage au steroide


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