Eggsteroid locations

    Red appears as the main and icon character of  Angry Birds Football . For the very first time in any Angry Birds game Red is featured as the only playable character in this soccer-based game. Red's team is named the  Mighty Feathers , which includes Red as the team captain and 4 other unnamed red birds alongside him. Side birds like the Mighty Eagle, Bomb, Stella, and a handful of other birds each have a different purpose, such as cheerleading or training the team. The main goal of the  Mighty Feathers  is to defeat their rival team, the pigs.

• An all-new bird appears in Angry Birds Space. Ice Bird is an extraterrestrial with the power to freeze enemies solid!
• Red Bird, everyone’s favorite, is here and more powerful than ever.
• Bomb Bird will use his heat shock wave to blast anything in his vicinity.
• Lazer Bird is one of the fastest objects in the universe.
• Terence Bird is now a cosmic wrecking machine, smashing through everything like a green Hulk.
• The Blue Birds are causing mischief.
• The Space Eagle can open a wormhole of destruction! Earn it through gameplay or buy in-app.

Don’t be discouraged if you only have a new version of the game. You can still get a good score. First shot like @happyshake ….through the pig snout after bubbles build up. I had just over 10K after the shot. It makes a difference which of the three blocks to the right of the pig remain after the first shot. The bubble buildup is faster with just one particular block left….but I don’t know which block it is. And then of course, you wait. Sometimes the turnip goes, sometimes the pig goes, and sometimes two blocks above go. I haven’t had both the pig and the turnip go. Anyway…..for the second shot I aimed almost straight up as @peejaydee27 notes, missing the blocks on the left. Since I had both pigs left, my shot was more difficult than @peejaydee27 ‘s shot. I needed to go through the left pig, hit the top of the block with the pig under it, and then hit the right wall dropping down and destroying each block 1 by 1. Not an easy shot, but doable.

Eggsteroid locations

eggsteroid locations


eggsteroid locationseggsteroid locationseggsteroid locationseggsteroid locationseggsteroid locations