Flash godox winstrol

Thanks everyone! I assumed it was probably just simplified firing, but we know about assuming. I just didn't see a sync port anywhere on the unit. Since I'd primarily be wanting to use these for international travel and I'm not leaving for Africa until almost July, that May window for Fuji compatibility sounds great. I may be looking to pick one of these up to see how it handles in the interim. If I knew for certain I would not need the very capable LED on the DigiBee for short video use, this would be a no-brainer. Thanks again, cheers

From the back of the light, you can control the Godox AD200’s modes   ( TTL/multi/regular ), HSS, LED, 5 groups, 32 channels, power, and access the custom functions. However, the beauty of this system is that you should rarely have to touch anything on the flash itself, aside from turning it on. The AD200 can be fired and controlled by the X1 controller, ( Sold Seperatelly ) all 4 X-series speedlights, as well as the AD360II. All of these units will tell the AD200 to enter HSS automatically when you exceed the flash sync speed on your camera. 

Flash godox winstrol

flash godox winstrol