Fostair inhaler steroid

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In the second study the primary aim was the efficacy evaluation on the long-acting beta 2 -agonist component of Fostair NEXThaler. In this study bronchodilation at the onset and up to 12 hrs after single doses administration was measured by serial spirometric evaluations of FEV 1 (FEV 1 AUC over at least 80% of formoterol duration of action). Compared with placebo, Fostair NEXThaler, one inhalation and four inhalations of both actives significantly improved the FEV 1 AUC 0-12 . Both doses of Fostair NEXThaler inhalation powder were non-inferior to the corresponding dose of the pressurised inhalation solution formulation. A statistically significant dose-response was found with both formulations between the low and high dose.

Fostair inhaler steroid

fostair inhaler steroid


fostair inhaler steroidfostair inhaler steroidfostair inhaler steroidfostair inhaler steroid