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Some blame the cold, rainy weather and say a lack of sunlight has caused chronic vitamin D deficiency. There are theories ranging from Glaswegians' penchant for burning the candle at both ends to a culture of pessimism. Some think sectarianism between Catholics and Protestants could be responsible. Scotland's health minister Alex Neil accused Margaret Thatcher of driving the Scots to drink and drugs by destroying heavy industry back in the 1980s. Local Conservatives described the claim as preposterous and said alcoholism was too important to be treated as a political football.

We're equal opportunities here at DesignMyNight, and just because you don't drink, doesn't mean you can't enjoy the incredible Glasgow nightlife. And why should you have to sit over a flat soft drink for the night either? Glasgow cocktail bars have got some great virgin concoctions for the non-alcoholic drinkers out there, the same chic surroundings, the same exotic glass and the same tropical garnish, only lucky you, no sore head the next day. So if you're more mocktail than cocktail, check out our guide to non-alcoholic cocktails in Glasgow. 

We have now moved slightly further up Buchanan Street but back in time because the Argyll Chambers had not yet been built when this photograph was taken and, instead, and there is a two-story building with globes outside and a white flagpole. This was the mansion of John Reid who, inspired by European arcades, decided to start one of his own. He moved his family upstairs and set up the Argyll Arcade on the ground floor and continued it beyond the rear of his home and round to the right, through a tenement building that he owned on Argyle Street, hence the angled arcade. Stuart Cranston had a tearoom in the front of John Reid’s original house and this carried over into the new arcade when the Argyll Chambers were built between 1902 and 1904. It seems that the globes indicating the Argyll Arcade were also retained. On the other side of the street was Wylie & Lochhead’s store that specialized in furniture and carpets. ( Postcard published by . Co., Caledonia Series, printed in Germany. )

Glasgow alcoholic hepatitis score steroids

glasgow alcoholic hepatitis score steroids


glasgow alcoholic hepatitis score steroidsglasgow alcoholic hepatitis score steroidsglasgow alcoholic hepatitis score steroidsglasgow alcoholic hepatitis score steroidsglasgow alcoholic hepatitis score steroids