Is ergopharm 6-oxo a steroid

If you don;t mind i will probably use it as a testimonial in my tongkat ali extract article which I am not sure if you checked out. But something tells me you may be interested in it haha. I don’t know much about the medicinal tongkat ali you speak of, but I have a supplier from a Sumatra jungle in indonesia, who’s product I know is 100% legit. Maybe not as powerful as medicinal but I do not know. He also tests every batch himself after the supper performs a performs chemical and microbiological analysis of every batch they product.

If you want to make your own buy the chipped root, when it arrives make sure some of it has visible bark, if there is no bark it could already be denatured (already used for its extract, then redried and sold to you). Measure out 200gms, put in a pan and cover with spring water. Leave it to soak for at least 48 hours. Then bring to boil, let it boil for 15 minutes and turn off heat, let it rest for one hour, then repeat (boil 15 mins) and keep on repeating until the Ali root softens, then start draining the root and removing, keep doing the boiling process too. When you have removed most of the root (put all that root in the garbage), and have boiled until almost no water is left on the remaining root, take the remaining damp root out and leave to sun dry. Once dry, grind to powder and weigh this powder. If you have 1grm of root left you have made 200:1, if you have 10grms you have 20:1 etc.

Is ergopharm 6-oxo a steroid

is ergopharm 6-oxo a steroid


is ergopharm 6-oxo a steroidis ergopharm 6-oxo a steroidis ergopharm 6-oxo a steroidis ergopharm 6-oxo a steroidis ergopharm 6-oxo a steroid