Jbg 2 steroid rap lyrics

Hint: This is the first track released from Kollegah & Farid Bang from the album JBG 3. JBG stands for “Jung Brutal Gutaussehend” (young brutal goodlooking). The youtube video intro is building up to a crash between the two artists just like in JBG 2 with the track “Dynamit”. The series of albums is continued with hard rap including heavy insults against rappers and public persons. JBG 2 went Gold and was later forbidden due to offensive language and insults. I tried to translate the lyrics literally and as best as possible, keeping the meaning and adding some explanation in [brackets].

Campino , singer of the German rock band Die Toten Hosen , was the first to criticize the committee's decision during the ceremony. His remarks received a standing ovation from the audience. [39] Several artists later returned their Echo awards in protest, such as Marius Müller-Westernhagen , who returned all of his seven Echo awards received over the years. Other artists returning their awards were German conductors Christian Thielemann and Enoch zu Guttenberg , Russian-German pianist Igor Levit , record producer Klaus Voormann and the Notos Quartett. [38]

Jbg 2 steroid rap lyrics

jbg 2 steroid rap lyrics