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Steve Reeves is regarded by many as the greatest bodybuilder of all time for his legendary symmetrical physique, visionary bodybuilding techniques, dedication and love for the sport through which he won five bodybuilding titles between 1946 and 1950. His peak measurements were: 6'1" at 216 lbs. with 18½" arms, 52" chest, and a 29" waist, partly depicting his creation: "The Classic Physique."

Steve Reeves was born in Montana in 1926, yet by age 10 moved to Oakland, California where he first became captivated with the art of bodybuilding at age 16, placing pioneer John Grimek as his top role model. After two years of bodybuilding Steve's body weight reached 203 lbs by high school graduation, but was he then inducted into the Army. He was assigned to Company A of the 25th Division and was sent to the front lines in the Philippines where he endured to continue his bodybuilding training, becoming known as "The Shape" among his fellow GIs. After WWII had ended he was part of the occupational forces sent to Japan and was stationed there from September 1945 to September 1946. After his service ended, he entered and won several bodybuilding championships becoming: "Mr. Pacific Coast" (1946), "Mr. Western America" (1947), "Mr. America" (1947), "Mr. World" (1948) and "Mr. Universe" (1950) announcing his retirement from bodybuilding competition that very night after he won.

From that point onward Reeves set his sights on the silver screen as well as the small screen. He made several appearances on variety shows of the early-to-mid 1950s and non-starring roles during 1954 in two films: Athena (1954) starring Debbie Reynolds and Ed Wood's Jail Bait (1954). In 1957, he had been called to Italy to play the lead role Hercules in "Le Fatiche di Ercole" which was filmed during the summer and autumn of 1957 with a USA premiere in 1959. The tremendous worldwide success of "Hercules," (the USA title), led to a sequel and many other Italian epic films many based on heroes played by Reeves. These roles included Romulus, Phillipides, Captain Henry Morgan, Glaucus, and Sandokan. With 20 film/TV acting credits to his name by 1968, Steve Reeves retired from film and returned to California to live on his ranch, remaining committed to his lifelong belief in natural, drug-free bodybuilding through his writings and personal appearances. Steve Reeves has served as a great inspiration to many bodybuilders such as Sylvester Stallone and Lou Ferrigno, and millions of others the world over for all that he was: a genuine hero, a true man, an authentic gentleman, the first (and to many fans the only true) Hercules, and nothing less than the greatest bodybuilder of all time.

I said up above that I met him and it was sort of a social situation, although he was clearly there for hire. As I said, he seemed like a nice enough guy and actually pretty smart but I'll repeat that he seemed weary. Weary and wary. No way to be himself, just putting on a face for the crowd and being on the arm of the ancient queen who brought and bought him there. I wouldn't be surprised if he talked bad about his Johns behind their backs because he was well aware that everything was all just a transaction. He might have made a ton of money from it but it looked exhausting to try to be Zeb Atlas all the time in these public functions. What happened behind closed doors was undoubtedly worse.

Here’s a minor curve, but if you are a wrestling geek like me (and so many others), you might recognize that last name. Her father is Ed Leslie. He loved using scissors in the ring, but he also came to the ring under the moniker of Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, among zillions other ring names/gimmicks. So, naturally as Alana was trying to train and break into the business her father loved, she adopted the moniker of…Baby Beefcake. I might have gone with Bombshell Beefcake, as I think it’s far more accurate, but even if she never puts it all together for a successful in-ring career, she’s always going to be an incredibly gorgeous woman. If she was coming up in the ’80s or ’90s, she’d probably have a much better chance of success, back when hotness overcame any athletic deficiencies.

Mr beefcake steroids legit

mr beefcake steroids legit


mr beefcake steroids legitmr beefcake steroids legitmr beefcake steroids legitmr beefcake steroids legitmr beefcake steroids legit