Qnt metapure q2 anabolic whey protein

The QNT Delicious whey protein is exactly that, Whey Protein in a variety of delicious flavours. A great way of getting more protein in to your diet. Rich tasting and with a smooth texture Delicious whey protein contains high biological value protein and good quality carbohydrates. A simple and effective recovery product. However, the low fat nature of this product means this product could be used in a weight loss programme as a low calorie snack.

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Metapure Mass + is made with highly purified whey protein isolate, recognised worldwide as one of the protein supplements of choice. Metapure Mass + is a combination of whey protein isolate, maltodetrin, L-glutamine, and high bioavailability creatine monohydrate*. Metapure Mass + is a welcome addition to the QNT range of products, positioned at the cutting edge of sports nutrition containing almost 45 g of Metapure protein per serving. Metapure is now the protein of reference at QNT. Designed for serious training for serious body sculpting. Available in a range of smooth refreshing flavours.

Qnt metapure q2 anabolic whey protein

qnt metapure q2 anabolic whey protein