Steroid shot given during pregnancy

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An epidural steroid injection places this powerful anti-inflammatory medication directly around the spinal nerves. Traditionally epidural injections were administered without any special equipment, by inserting the needle by feel in the area around the spinal nerves. More recently epidural injections have been administered with the aid of imaging tools to allow your physician to see the needle going to the proper location. Either real-time x-ray, called fluoroscopy, or CT scan can be used to 'watch' the needle deliver the medication to the proper location. 

The steroid shots worked great for my twins they are now 12 years old and still no side effects but back when I got mine they were not limited to 2 shots as they are now I got 5 and it made my teeth crumble in my mouth,a small price to pay for very healthy lungs never had to be on oxygen and they were 1 day short of being 32 shot is a good thing and I highly recommend that you take I said now they only give 2 and it helps the with the bed rest thing I couldn't do it one twin was in my lungs while the other played kickball with my bladder so goodluck if you can do the bed rest they say it helps but you seriously want to keep them in as long as you can even though you are going to be miserable

Steroid shot given during pregnancy

steroid shot given during pregnancy


steroid shot given during pregnancysteroid shot given during pregnancysteroid shot given during pregnancysteroid shot given during pregnancysteroid shot given during pregnancy