Steroid shot in foot pain

I have a pain that runs along the right side of my right foot beginning just below the joint of my small toes and ends where my ankel bone is. I’m 61 yr old female and do not run unless I really have to. This pain just showed up last night and I haven’t done anything I know of that would have contributed to it such as twisting my foot. I haven’t worn any different shoes and it’s only on the right foot. It’s not an intense pain and as long as my foot is still and facing straight out not an issue although I know it is there and when I turn my foot to the left or right I can feel the low grade pain. I can walk although when I raise my heel is when I feel it the most. In sitting down when I raise my foot from the toes leaving my heal on the ground there isn’t any “pain” at all. I did have bone spurs removed from the top of both feet in 1990 and my feet do “fall asleep” with the tingling sensation quite easily. I’m also right handed if that means anything. I also am heavy heeled since I was a military training instructor in the late 70’s and early 80’s so I have always stepped down heavier on my heels when walking. Any suggestions?

I started with left ankle and knee pain just over a year ago which has eased off but now I have plantar faciitis in my left foot and I am noticing pain in my right hip . Your advice re plantar faciitis makes so much sense and its the first time in all my research that I have resonated with the cause and treatment. Stretching has just not worked. I’m up for strenghtening with picking things up with my toes. And also, my job has been far more stressful than I can handle for far too long and I as am aiming to take a month off after next week – I feel that I am now on the right track.
Thankyou for your advice – it makes so much sense – at last.

Steroid shot in foot pain

steroid shot in foot pain


steroid shot in foot painsteroid shot in foot painsteroid shot in foot painsteroid shot in foot painsteroid shot in foot pain