Testosteron anabolika steroide

The administration forms were selected in order to by-pass the liver. In the first two studies T was given as a single intramuscular injection of or mg and the results evaluated after 1 week. In two subsequent studies testosterone was administered in moderate doses either as oral T undecanoate or a T and DHT in preparations applied on the skin for transdermal absorption for 6 weeks and 3 months respectively. Before and after treatment the following examinations were performed: Plasma triglyceride and cholesterol concentrations, liver function tests and blood pressure were followed.

Usual dosage for men is between 50 to 150 mg mesterolone daily. Period of 12 weeks is long enough time for effects of Mesterolone to manifest. Many bodybuilders prefers to use it during definition period and pre-competition training, when particularly desirable are low levels of estrogen and high levels of androgens. Mesterolone is recommended for use in combination with a low-power androgen (Oxandrolone, Methenolone, Stanozolol).In this case, mesterolone adjusts the ratio of androgens to estrogen and helps to increase strength and muscle density, promotes libido and overall sense of well-being and helps to burn fat.

Testosteron anabolika steroide

testosteron anabolika steroide


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