Trenbolone enanthate opinie

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Tren- great medication, which gives excellent results on the path of "solo" to increase muscle mass without the need to be combined with other medications. However, it is a very powerful steroid, and therefore do not exceed the recommended dosage of certain: for acetate - is 50mg per day for enthatate: 300-350mg per week. To test the tolerance of Tren is better to start with a minimum dosage. If the entire rate is not more than six weeks, the need for additional formulations appears; when 6 to 8 weeks, with the need to enter the second week Gonadotropin (500 / 1000ME every 7 days) and stop taking it two weeks after administration cycle. Next, we have to be post-cycle therapy: start 14 days after the last injection or after 3days (if used Tren Acetate). To restore testosterone production take testosterone boosters (4 weeks after the course).

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Trenbolone enanthate opinie

trenbolone enanthate opinie


trenbolone enanthate opinietrenbolone enanthate opinietrenbolone enanthate opinietrenbolone enanthate opinietrenbolone enanthate opinie